Obama’s Ultimate Deception

Obama said he hopes his good works will get him to heaven someday. He said this in 2006. That is Islamic theology. It is not Christian theology.

In Christ, we are allowed into heaven by believing in Him and trusting His work on the Cross on our behalf. It has nothing to do with our good works.

Chris Christie says it is ‘self evident’ that Obama is a Christian because he claims to be a Christian.

Neither Obama nor Christie appear to know what it means to be a Christian, but Obama sure knows all there is to know about Islam, so is it any wonder people suspect he is a Muslim, especially when he said he was a Muslim in his interview with Stephanopoulos.

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Additionally, Obama constantly sides with Islam, as he consistently stands against Christians. As David Barton has documented, Obama is the most biblically hostile President in history.

How is it possible to claim to be a Christ follower yet remain hostile to the Word of Christ, going so far as to deny the inerrancy of Scripture, the very Scripture Christ says is the altogether reliable Word of God?

Those possessing discernment understand this manufactured controversy about Obama’s faith orientation is another Leftist attempt to cast Christians in a poor light, accusing us of Islamophobia and bigotry for simply examining facts and arriving at reasonable conclusions.

Given Obama’s track record telling outright lies, why should anyone trust him when he claims to be a Christian, especially when his policies and behaviors and statements all contradict the claim?

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