Obama’s Transgender Directive to Schools is a Lawless Act

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Obama’s transgender directive to the public schools is a lawless act.

Mat Staver: This directive is without the force of law. The letter to all the public schools acknowledges it. But on the other hand, it threatens lawsuits and revocation of Title IX funds to these public schools that do not have transgender policies, specifically allowing boys to use girls’ facilities, such as restrooms, locker rooms and shower facilities.

Matt, this is unbelievable!

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Matt Barber: Yea, well, we’ve become accustomed to this president acting like an emperor and issuing these unilateral edicts in the form of executive order in order to circumvent the checks and balances, and congress, and the separation of powers…ruling like a dictator. But this…he’s really jumped the shark with this one. this is Saul Alinsky 1010: it pure propaganda. He makes an empty threat. Now he may try…I mean I can see this administration trying to revoke funding. But when North Carolina called their bluff, you notice, they said we’re going to take your funding. North Carolina said no…      

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