Obama’s Theology of Original Sin, Fundamental Transformation and Utopia, Part 1

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There has been a great deal of nonsense written about the supposed cluelessness of our current administration concerning domestic and foreign policies. None of it is true. President Obama and his allies are not naïve, nor are they clueless idiots.

On the contrary, they are with great success deliberately sowing the seeds of a domestic and global revolution in order to fundamentally transform America and to use the United States’ global reach as a means for achieving a worldwide new order as defined by the Left’s deeply held, religious beliefs.

The theological justifications foundational for revolutionizing (“fundamentally transforming”) America and the world are at least twofold: One is to bring to fruition the leftist concept of a socialist/communist utopia through the destruction of the old order. The other is to expiate America’s original sin of slavery and European colonialism by destroying or transforming the irredeemable institutions that have perpetrated and continue to perpetrate the West’s societal distortions. For the Left, the original sin of racism, be it revealed in slavery or colonialism, has remained unexpurgated. It continuously mutates into new forms of racism because racism is a genetic moral deformation peculiar to the West.

Therefore, only revolutionary action that involves total destruction of Western institutions and the building of global structures from the ashes will finally expiate the original sins of racism and Western colonialism.

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How and why is the leftist revolution to happen?

There are basically two types of revolution. One is characterized by public discontent welling from the bottom up. The result is a drastic change in governmental and societal constructs. The other involves authoritarian attempts to fundamentally transform a society from the top down. Often the one is nearly indistinguishable from the other, as the discontented who initially began the revolution find their way into the seats of power and then being to transform society by diktat, a term also known as “executive order.”

The American rebels of the sixties have gradually taken the seats of power in government and nearly every societal institution. They then hope to use that power to complete the transformation of the Republic of the United States into the socialist utopia which is not only to be a template for a new world order, but which is to be a leader in promoting it. The vast influence of the United States is to be turned into a force for transforming the entire world. To put it another way, a completely secularized version of the Christian “Great Commission” to preach the gospel is to be the new way of preaching and fostering good for all mankind. The idea of seeding cells is very similar to the establishment of Christian “house churches” in ancient Rome and indeed throughout history, including present-day China. The difference, of course, is that the State as characterized by our current administration seeds cells committed to violence and chaos; whereas the Christian Church sought and seeks to establish the Kingdom of God characterized by love, peace, and goodwill.

For the Left, using America and its might for a global revolution will only be achieved by destruction of the United States as it is still presently constructed, much as the Bolsheviks of Russian attempted to destroy czarist Russia, then to transform and use a new communist Russia as the paradigm for a global revolution and reconstruction. In like manner, the radical transformation long desired by the Left means in practice the demolition of the pervasive paradigms presently defining and delineating nation states while favoring global entities such as the United Nations and the European Union.

In the attempt to change the centuries old nation state paradigm, particularly Western democracies as understood in the broader definition of democracy, destruction of traditional ways of thinking and traditional institutions remains a paramount objective of the Left.

In the stages of fomenting the destruction necessary for the new paradigm to be the paramount rationale for the construction of a new world, co-revolutionaries are welcomed and encouraged, as the Left believes it can use and control various discontent factions such as Islamist extremists, race hate mongers, youthful malcontents in academia, and anti-authoritarian, ideologically driven political groups opposed to the legitimate use of police authority. Add to this mix of malcontents the religion of multi-culturalism, which is the new polytheism forbidding the elevation of any religion as morally superior to another. All gods are equal. But the gods of the Left are more equal than other gods, particularly the God of Christianity, which the Left seeks to dethrone.

It is well to recall the Left sees just about any angry group as legitimately angry and as a potentially disruptive force for achieving leftist goals; that is, as weapons of destruction of the status quo. To that end, there is virtually no radical group, including Islamist terrorist groups, that the Left cannot legitimize by rationalizing the group’s violent outlook by predestinarian logic that pushes every action, no matter how odious, back to foundational issues the Left believes will be fixed once utopia is put into place. No violent group is to be held fully accountable for its actions because there are core reasons it has become disaffected and criminally minded — core distortions of society can be straightened out by the utopia to come. The only illegitimate anger is righteous indignation against the atrocities perpetrated by violent groups, who are to be understood rather than confronted or eliminated.

In brief, fundamental transformation first requires fundamental destruction. Then rebuilding according to the religious tenets of the Left can happen.

We have an historical outline for how that destruction evolves; namely, the communist revolution in Russia, which had as its role model the French Revolution.

History reveals Lenin encouraged revolution not just in Russia, but throughout Europe and the United States. For instance, Lenin and his followers’ idea was to sow chaos by planting communist cells which would then encourage anarchy and perpetrate violence against the governments of the nations into which the seed cells were inserted. In a similar manner, our president and his administration have become proselytizers for Islamism and the Left.

The Left in the past and now was and is not particular about its allies as long as its leaders think they can control the factions they help to create. Leftism is not picky about anarchical cell groups as long as they are bent on violence. That is why leftists can look with equanimity on the seeding of Europe and America, as well as the Middle East, with radical Islamist cells by importation while steadfastly opposing the Christian religion that has informed and been the foundation of Western civilization for almost two thousand years. It is critical to the success of the global enterprise to diminish or even to eradicate the influence of Christianity, which because of its views of a divine order that transcends and informs all earthly governments is inherently opposed to a man-manufactured utopia created by the State.

First published at American Thinker


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Fay Voshell holds a M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary, where she was awarded the Charles Hodge Prize for excellence in systematic theology. She was selected as one of the Delaware GOP's "Winning Women," Class of 2008. Her articles have been published in American Thinker, National Review and RealClearReligion.

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