Secretary of State John Kerry Promises More Sodomite Imperialism

With the Obama administration’s foreign policy in a shambles and the world going to hell in a handbasket (and frankly, we’re running out of handbaskets), Secretary of State John Kerry was busy wasting our nation’s valuable time making the ridiculous pledge to continue working hard to appoint more LGBT ambassadors as part of America’s new sodomite imperialism. Never mind the fact that ISIS is overrunning Iraq, the Syrian civil war is spilling over into Israel, and Russian aggression in the Ukraine destabilizes the region — America is too preoccupied with intimidating other nations into embracing homosexual perversion to be concerned about such “insignificant” geo-politcal issues. Talk about having our national priorities out of whack!

John Kerry delivered his remarks at the GLIFAA (formerly Gays and Lesbians in Foreign Affairs Agencies) Pride Event in the Ben Franklin Room at the U.S. Department of State in Washington, DC on June 19. During the speech, the secretary rattled off a list of “accomplishments” that have benefited the homosexual community’s aberrant agenda.

Kerry also indicated that, if confirmed, Ted Osius (nominated by President Obama to serve in Vietnam) would become the sixth openly gay U.S. ambassador currently in service. Then, he praised the work of the GLIFAA President and moderator of the event Robyn McCutcheon, who was at one time posted in Bucharest, Hungary as the first cross-dressing, tranny “female” Foreign Service officer. In other words, we’ve got people who can’t even figure out their own gender trying to navigate their way through the intricacies and intrigues of the world’s most confusing diplomatic quandaries.

Shockingly, the secretary acknowledged the event’s honored guest in glowing terms:

I also want to thank our guest of honor, Masha Gessen, for her own special perseverance and advocacy. When all the repressive anti-LGBT laws in Russia threatened literally to break apart her family, she put up a fight. Fearlessly, she spoke out on Russia’s only independent television channel, and her Pink Triangle Campaign, which everybody became familiar with, unleashed a wave of grassroots activism. And the government in Moscow may look at Masha as a troublemaker to contend with, but here in the United States, we know that she is a wonderful person – a mother, a journalist, an extraordinary human rights defender – and we are honored by her presence here. Thank you for being here.

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This is none other than the same Masha Gessen, the lesbian author and activist, who at a conference in Sydney, Australia in 2012, stated, “The institution of marriage should not exist so that causes my brain some trouble, and part of why it causes me trouble is because fighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we are going to do with marriage when we get there — because we lie that the institution of marriage is not going to change. And that is a lie. The institution of marriage is going to change and it should change. And again, I don’t think it should exist.”

Even worse, Kerry also praised a known pedophile with a sexual appetite for troubled teenage boys:

So all of us in this room are pretty well aware of the debt that we owe to those who came before us, and whether it is those who stood up after Stonewall or incredible, inspiring visionaries like Harvey Milk. And I’m proud to follow in the footsteps of an extraordinary advocate for the cause.

As Kerry droned on, he finally came to the most troubling part of his ominous speech as concerns America’s reckless foreign policy. He discussed his determined efforts to export homoerotic debauchery around the world without regards to the cultural sensitivities of the receiving nations. Have they even thought about what might happen when we send an LGBT ambassador to a Islamic nation? Then again, the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad disrespectfully sponsored that country’s first ever “gay” pride celebration on June 26, 2011, which many in Pakistan rightly referred to as “cultural terrorism.” So much for improving America’s image around the world. Nevertheless, Kerry promised that the Obama Administration would continue trampling on the sovereignty of nations that still hold to moral sensibilities.

So, I am very proud of the progress that we are now making even in appointing LGBT ambassadors. I worked with the committee here at the State Department – with the D Committee, and I worked with the White House. And as a result, Ted Osius, sitting here, whom I’ve known a long time, and his family I know, will be the first openly LGBT officer nominated to serve as an ambassador in Asia. And on confirmation, he’s going to join five openly gay ambassadors who are now serving their country. I’m working hard to ensure that by the end of my tenure, we will have lesbian, bisexual, and transgender ambassadors in our ranks as well.

For those nations that dare to balk at these thuggish U.S. demands and refuse to recognize pretend homosexual “marriages” (and won’t grant visas to their homosexual “spouses”), the Obama administration is prepared to abusively misuse its power. Kerry threatened to use coercive tactics against those nations that find homosexual practice repugnant. Apparently, we no longer respect the culture, beliefs and traditions of other nations. Just as the vindictive homosexual activists have brazenly run roughshod over the rights of conservative and Christian citizens here at home, Kerry promised more of the same around the world. Like the IRS, we are seeing the weaponizing of the foreign affairs agencies with a homosexual warhead.

So let me be clear: We oppose any effort by any country to deny visas for spouses of American staff. It’s discriminatory, it’s unacceptable, it has no place in the 21st century. And I understand how challenging this issue is for all of you, which is why I’ve sent instructions to ambassadors at posts worldwide to engage at the highest levels on your behalf. Together we pay a price when these rights are trampled on, but together we win when these rights are protected.


But at some point in time, we may have to begin to make it clear to them that that can affect one program or another or the choices that we make. It’s not going to be a normal relationship. This is who we are, this what you have to respect, and that’s the way it is.

Translation: If any nation refuses to comply with the perversity of homosexuality and so-called “same-sex marriage,” then the American government will make it hurt. This malicious manipulation is also consistent with Obama’s directive, titled International Initiatives to Advance the Human Rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Persons, which orders governmental departments, including the foreign service, to exert heavy-handed diplomatic pressure upon nations in an effort to force them to subordinate their social and religious values to America’s homosexual agenda. And this oppressive policy is enforced through threats related to foreign aid, international commerce, trade, banking, and travel restrictions.

In the light of our nation’s rebellion against “the laws of nature and nature’s God,” the haunting words of Thomas Jefferson come to mind: “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.”

We are left only to appeal to the mercy of God. We don’t deserve it, but that is, after all, why it’s called mercy. But even it won’t last forever.

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Jeff Allen
Jeff Allen is both a senior editor and columnist for BarbWire. He also serves as senior pastor in a mainline Christian church in Indiana. He is an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene. Jeff is involved in several community ministries.

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