Obama’s Favorite Foreign Policy Republican: Rand Paul

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As the above headline suggests, Robert G. Kaufman, a professor of Public Policy at Pepperdine University, isn’t a big fan of Rand Paul’s foreign policy. Here are two excerpts from an article by Kaufman posted at the Daily Caller:

Paul sounds temperate, not incendiary, avoiding the morally and geopolitically indefensible positions of his father, Ron Paul, and paleoconservative Pat Buchanan, unrepentant American opponents of American intervention in World War II. Paul has revived a tradition of minimalism, reluctance to use force, and a non-ideological definition of the national interest dormant in the Republican Party since Dwight Eisenhower defeated Senator Robert Taft, R-Ohio, for the party’s Presidential nomination in 1952.

Indeed, Paul’s views on national security most closely resemble President Obama’s.

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Beware of flirting with candidates such as Paul espousing policies in defiance of the lessons of history and the venerable record of post-War Republican internationalism. Typically, the greatest dangers to the United States arise when adversaries, always lurking around the corner in international relations even in the best of times, perceive us as vulnerable and unprepared.

After World War I, American withdrawal did not make the world safe for democracy, but for Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and Tojo. After World War II, the United States did not make the same mistake. America’s military preeminence and deep engagement internationally helped prevent the outbreak of conflict in the world’s most important geopolitical regions, spread liberty, facilitated cooperation, defeated evil totalitarian empires, and stimulated international prosperity.

The Obama administration has severely eroded the moral legitimacy of American foreign policy and the material foundations of it. A Rand Paul presidency would compound the enormous damage the Obama administration has recklessly wrought. Count this as one conservative vote for Rick Perry’s neo-Reaganite foreign policy and against Paul’s facsimile of Obama’s.

You can read the entire article at the Daily Caller.

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