Obama’s Armed Forces: U.S. Army Promotes Breastfeeding Soldiers

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Obama’s fundamental transformation of the once-great United States of America can be seen everywhere, not in the least in the armed forces. This fundamental transformation is so great that the U.S. Army now promotes breastfeeding moms as an example of an ideal soldier.

Obama has fundamentally transformed the armed forces by allowing sexually deviant people to be part of them, by slashing their numbers and readiness, and by implementing a doctrine that greatly restricts their ability to fight. But there is still more to be done.

The Minnesota National Guard issued a press release in mid-December boasting of how the modern American soldier expresses milk, and how she won’t let military duty get in the way of her doing so.

For two new moms from the 34th Red Bull Infantry Division headquarters, their two-week annual training period couldn’t come at a more difficult time. They were nursing mothers and the Soldiers based out of Rosemount, Minnesota, were scheduled to attend a command post exercise at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington, beginning in early December, halfway across the country. So the new moms packed up their breast pumps and set out to take care of business.

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There’s a reason the Minnesota National Guard feels confident in promoting breastfeeding moms as the modern American warrior: it’s official Department of Defense policy.

To help support new moms, the Army released a new policy effective September 2015. According to the Army’s breastfeeding and lactation support policy, Soldiers who choose to breastfeed will have full support from their command to express milk during the duty day.

One of the requirements of this new policy includes designating a private space with the following criteria: It must be fully enclosed, have locking capabilities, have an electrical outlet, have access to a safe water source and must not be a bathroom stall.

The press release continued by saying that “commanders must provide time for Soldiers to express milk” and then said that it is up to both commanders and soldiers to “balance lactation support with readiness.”

In addition to thinking the armed forces would never be talking about “lactation support,” I can safely say that the “balance” between breastfeeding and readiness will never be achieved; breastfeeding will win out. The press release even ominously hints at this through a brave breastfeeding mommy.

If a commander sees this new policy as a hindrance to training, he or she is going to be perceived negatively, the Albany, Minnesota, native explained. Soldiers who feel like they have support are more likely to enjoy their time in the Guard and stay in longer.

There’s no significant resistance to this nonsense from the military side of the armed forces. Nor is there any indication that any civilian is going to challenge this much less reverse it either. Politicians are vying to be the next President of the United States. Yet have you heard a word about this from any of them? Have you heard a word from them about the toxic femininity that’s destroying the armed forces in general?

Such is the state of the U.S. and such is the power of indoctrination.

Oh, well. The breastfeeding policy goes well with the Army’s official Pregnancy-Postpartum Physical Training Program, which has female and male soldiers wear empathy maternity bellies so they know how pregnant women feel.

All hail Obama’s modern warriors.

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