Obama Wars against Russia while Media Distract You with Melania Trump

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Ukraine is supposedly battling separatists for control of Crimea and parts of eastern Ukraine. Yet everyone knows that Ukraine is really fighting Russian-backed forces. At the same time, the U.S. is training Ukrainian troops for war. This means the U.S. and Russia are fighting by proxy in Ukraine.

Yet the media are doing all they can to distract your attention from actual stories such as this. And accusing Melania Trump of plagiarizing parts of her Republican National Convention speech is one example of how they are trying to distract you.

Nolan Peterson of the Daily Signal has provided first-person, on-the-ground coverage of the war in Ukraine. Read his reports for up-to-date information on what is happening and how Russia is involved.

Meanwhile, DVIDS published a press release and video package of the 3-15th Infantry Regiment transferring authority to the 6-8 Cavalry Regiment for the mission of training Ukrainian troops who are fighting Russian-backed forces in Ukraine.

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And while media is covering this, no one seems to be acknowledging that this means that Russia and the U.S. are at war by proxy in Ukraine.

Instead, the media are doing all they can for their god Obama by distracting people from real stories (including Obama’s war in Russia) with hysteria over nonsense. This is why the Democrat-Media Complex is now flooding you with stories on Melania Trump speaking at the Republican National Convention.

Do not fall for the constant information operations the media wage against you. Do not let them distract you with non-stories so they can cover up Obama’s war against Russia in Ukraine. Do not let them distract you from other actual stories as they fanatically serve Obama and their Democratic masters.

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A version of this analysis originally appeared at the Security and Culture Intelligencer.

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