Corruption? Obama Takes Nixon Hands Down

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Victor Davis Hanson, a classicist and historian for the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, has put together a long list  of similarities between the corruption of Barack Obama and that of Richard Nixon. Hanson writes:

What would a president do if he were furious over criticism, or felt that his noble aims justified most means of attaining them?

Answer that by comparing the behavior of Richard Nixon with that of an increasingly similar Barack Obama.

Here are three items from Hanson’s list on Nixon:

  • Nixon tried to use the Internal Revenue Service to go after his political enemies.
  • Nixon ignored settled law and picked and chose which statutes he would enforce.
  • Nixon attacked the TV networks.

Hanson continues:

Now, consider how President Obama has directed government, as opposed to the platitudes he has offered about how it should operate.

Here are a few items from Hanson’s list on Obama:

  • Obama-era IRS has succeeded in hounding nonprofit Tea Party groups into political irrelevancy.
  • The Obama Justice Department was reported to have worked closely with the George Soros-funded Media Matters for America on stories slamming critics of the administration.
  • Obama regularly blames Fox News by name for its criticism.

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Other items on the list include Obama’s brazen disregard for duly passed laws and the use of wiretaps.

Hanson’s most important point, however, is clearly this:

There are a few differences, however, between the transgressions of Nixon and Mr. Obama, and America’s reaction to them.

The old watchdogs of civil liberties that took on Nixon — the America media of the Watergate era — are now silent. For them, Mr. Obama is not right-wing, easily caricatured, unappealing or an old anti-communist agitator, but an iconic liberal, charismatic, and in the past, an experienced community organizer.

Read Hanson’s column: Washington Times

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