Obama Targets Rural America because Progressives Always Attack

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Obama is using the U.S. government to promote sexual deviancy in rural America because progressives always attack and look for ways to expand their control. Alternatively, conservatives constantly look for ways to surrender the increasingly shrinking territories where they still have some influence.

The Obama regime is using the U.S. Department of Agriculture to evangelize deviancy in traditionally traditional rural America.

The College Fix reported on Aug. 16 that, “The press release says that participants will learn about ‘programs and services that exist to protect, promote, and strengthen LGBT members of rural communities. . . .’”

As outrageous as this might seem, it’s nothing new. Last year I wrote about how sexual deviants are targeting the South. I noted how they have made conquering it one of their top priorities. And they are succeeding. Conservatives undoubtedly cannot comprehend this because they believe the South is permanently conservative.

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Progressives have won and conservatives have lost. Progressives are dedicated to warring for evil while conservatives don’t even have any passion to survive. And the offensive targeting rural America is just one more example of this truth.

Unless new leaders rise to create a new movement—separate from the feckless and treacherous conservative movement—rural America will soon fall completely under control of progressives.

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