Obama Starting a Legacy via Homosexual Monument

By Charlie Butts

President Barack Obama’s most recent action to establish a pro-LGBT national monument is recognized as something that helps to clarify his legacy once he leaves office in January.

Obama designated New York State’s Stonewall Inn in Manhattan as a national monument, but the many are asking the question … a monument to what?

Stonewall was a homosexual hangout, which includes a bar. It is the location where riots broke out when police raided the facility back in 1969 — an incident that many LGBT activists point to as a major turning point for the homosexual community. Barbwire.com founder Matt Barber says Obama’s action is a disgrace.

“Police were investigating that particular homosexual bar based on numerous complaints about adult homosexual matt_barbermen assaulting underage boys which — as the Archives for Sexual Behavior and other studies indicate — is far too common within the homosexual community,” Barber explains.

There was reportedly open unnatural intimacy inside and outside the bar. But while there might have been some police excesses, Barber urges Americans to remember that some officers were beaten in the face with objects to the point of unconsciousness, and one officer was bitten in the face during the riots.

Barber argues that the lawless incident is a shameful blemish through and through. “It’s not something to celebrate,” he asserts. “It’s a mark on American history.”

The conservative leader blames Obama for pressing his radical pro-LGBT, pro-abortion, and pro-Muslim agendas at all costs.

“A president seeks a legacy, and this president’s legacy is going to be one of radical homosexual activism — of furthering and perpetuating sin, sexual deviancy, the murder of innocent unborn children and weakness in terms of the war against radical Islam,” Barber concludes. “[This eight-year campaign embracing such destructive behavior] encompasses and embodies this president’s character and his legacy.”

Barber is author of Hating Jesus: The Left’s War on Christianity.

First published at NE News Now


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