Obama Says Trump too Racist to Solve World’s Problems

A few years ago, someone asked me who  I thought the most president in American history and I immediately answered Barack Obama, although I still refuse to consider him as a legal holder of the office of the presidency.

The person, a Democrat, immediately called me a bigoted %($* **$&$ racist, because according to him, anyone who disagreed or thought bad about Obama was automatically a racist.

I pointed out that Obama was half white and the guy called a liar, so I challenged him to look up Obama’s mother and he did on his phone and when he saw the truth, he said it was a conspiracy and lie.

I then pointed out that Obama had marched with the militant black activist group the New Black Panthers and that he fueled the racial fires that have been destroying America.

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Again, I was hailed with an onslaught of profanity.

Breitbart – Obama Suggests Trump Has ‘Racism’ and ‘Mommy Issues’ – Former President Obama suggested that President Trump is not solving the world’s problems because he has “racism” and “mommy issues.”

Obama, who famously wrote an entire autobiography called Dreams from My Father as a means to work through his lifelong daddy issues, is certain we can solve all the world’s problems — “climate change, education, agriculture and so on” — quite easily because they are “not nearly as complicated as they are made out to be.”

The “reason we don’t do it,” Obama explained, “is because we are still confused, blind, shrouded with hate, anger, racism, mommy issues.”

The Daily Mail first reported the former president’s remarks from the Obama Foundation in Chicago on Monday and added that there was another dig at Trump: …

If you recall the explosive incident in Ferguson, Missouri when white police officer shot and killed a black teen criminal who was assaulting him?

Before all of the evidence was gathered, Obama and Eric Holder condemned the white officer and labeled the incident as racially motivated.

They ignored the fact that the officer had a fractured eye socket from the assault and they ignored eye witness accounts that backed up the officer’s account.

Worse yet, Obama and Holder ignored the constitutional rights and the foundation of the American judicial system by declaring the incident was racial before all of  the evidence was gathered and before any trial took place.

If anyone has problems with racism to the point of clouding their judgement and ability to do their duty, it’s Barack Obama, not Donald Trump.



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