Obama Preaches Oil and Water Mix

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It was so nice not having to listen to Obama drone on and on these last couple weeks, but, heez baacck!

Speaking from a mosque today, the Director of Delusion is again preaching at the altar of political correctness, sharing the bad news of  secular humanism and universalism, insisting you can be a Muslim and a good American simultaneously.

Someone ask him to tell us how Sharia and the Constitution are compatible.

How is it Muslim women are treated like cattle, and how is this part of Americanism?

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Under Sharia there is no due process, no presumption of innocence, to right to a fair trial, no right to adequate representation, no right to appeal, no right to a trial by jury of one’s peers.  How is all this compatible with Americanism?

Substantial majorities of  Muslims here and abroad support the notion that Sharia is supreme, and that Jihad in the name of imposing Sharia worldwide is a holy quest, even by violence if necessary.  How is that supportive of Americanism, lending support to the notion of a free and open society?

Islam is a totalitarian theocracy in the main.  In America there is separation between church and state.  In Islam, there is no separation. Good Muslims support that totalitarian theocracy.  How on earth can a person be supportive of such a system and likewise support our constitutional republic?  It is impossible, for one has absolutely nothing to do with the other, and indeed they are contrary and hostile toward one another, by nature and practice, by philosophy and culture.

Obama knows all this full well.

He also knows the installation of Sharia is one of the best ways to destroy our constitutional republic and so he encourages our embrace of our own demise.

Liar. Traitor. Enemy.

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