Obama: A Legend in His Own Mind

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In his last State of the Union address, Obama will reportedly tell us we have nothing to fear from the gloom and doomers in the GOP, that he has been a wonderful president, all is well, take heart.

Recent polling tells us 52% of people disapprove of Obama’s job performance, and 74% believe the government is corrupt and the country is headed in the wrong direction. It is said 20% of Democrats are so desperate they might vote Republican this go.

The truth is as foreign to Obama today as it was in 2007 when he was pedaling ‘hope and change,’ and ‘fundamental transformation.’ The only difference now: he will tell us his ‘Forward!’ agenda is delivering the promise of a brighter tomorrow, thanks to his wisdom and hard work.

The trouble for Obama & all Democrats is majorities understand the man is a fraud. They have lost track of the number of broken promises, the lies, and the violations of law. And increasingly, they see Hillary as just another pea in the pod.

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The SOTU address–Obama’s desperation swan song–will center on three themes according to his apologists: the economy, national security, and ‘civic participation.’

While the economy has improved in small ways, having nothing to do with Obama, no one will believe him when he tries to claim credit for a substantial turnaround, especially as the stock market tanks, the middle class shrinks, the poor decline and the next recession looms. He dare not bring up ObamaCare.

National security? Is he actually going to tell us matters have improved on his watch? Not even the Democrat faithful can muster a straight face on this one. Every enemy escalates. Terrorism proliferates. All allies are alienated. Our military is in tatters. Police are under siege. Illegal immigration is a rolling catastrophe.  Refugees offer more threats. Americans are either afraid or furious.  Think of this fact alone: of the 4 nuclear tests conducted by North Korea, 3 have come during the Obama years.

“Civic participation?” I guess he means Ferguson and Baltimore. Or perhaps he means the growth of the Tea Party and groups like III%.  Maybe he is referring to citizen participation in record-setting gun purchases.

If failure is success and decline is improvement and catastrophe is achievement, then Obama is the best president ever.

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