Obama Strictly Enforces Immigration Laws Against Only One Group — You’ll Never Guess Who

Barb Wire

By Judson Phillips

In a shocking development, the Obama Regime is now enforcing border security. They are checking to make sure people who are coming to this country plan to leave when their trips are over and their visas expire.

This is not a joke, nor is it satire, though it could be called a farce.

Who is the Obama Regime enforcing border security on?

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That’s right.

The Obama Regime has no problem allowing people into this nation who have so-called “minimal” ties to terrorism. The Obama Regime has no problems essentially erasing our southern border and allowing anyone to cross. The Obama Regime has no problem letting criminals who have entered this nation illegally stay. The Obama Regime has no problem telling our Border Patrol to flee from anyone who presents a threat.

But they have a problem with Israeli tourists.

The Regime claims they are trying to keep Israelis from overstaying their visas and working in America illegally. That is laughable considering how the Regime bends over backwards to avoid deporting anyone who comes in from our southern border.

Israelis are not allowed in under the US Visa Waiver Program. That means an Israeli citizen must have a visa to enter the US. In the last year, rejections of Israeli visa applications have gone up by 80%.

While Obama’s actions against Israelis are no doubt based on anti-Semitism, there is another larger question no one is asking.

Why does the Regime believe it can track every firearm in America and every phone call in America but cannot deport illegal aliens? [Except, of course, Israelis]

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