Obama Destroyed the Coal Industry: Let’s Destroy Big Progressivism.

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As the monster Barack Hussein Obama ratchets up his wars on coal, reality, and all that is good in general, now is the perfect time to set an easy goal for the next presidential administration: put Big Progressivism out of business.

Even with all that happens every day concerning progressives tearing apart America, many people will still roll their eyes at the idea that anyone would shut down all the nongovernmental organizations (lobbyists, pressure groups, and so forth) that make up the Big Progressivism industry. And that’s fine.

But for those of us who are interested in winning and who are curious how such a goal could ever make it past the idea stage—how anyone could successfully advocate for it without society at large refusing to listen to such an “absurd” idea—all one needs to do is remember this: Obama vowed to shut down the coal industry and is well on his way to achieving that objective.

If Obama and his fellow communists could get away with vowing to shut down a sector of American energy and then do it through bureaucratic rules and regulations (all the while maintaining massive support) there is no reason the next administration cannot be pressured into shutting down Big Progressivism by way of bureaucratic rules and regulations.

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America has tolerated shutting down the coal industry, the government ignoring immigration laws, and the destruction of its heritage through removing historical monuments and icons.

Time to turn the tables. Let’s shut down Big Progressivism. The first step towards achieving this goal is spreading the idea through social media and word-of-mouth.

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