Obama Appointed Judge Expected to Block Defunding of Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood receives taxpayer money via Title X, however, that could all end come May3.

On that day, the Protect Life rule within Title X specifies that any abortion business, including Planned Parenthood, cannot receive any funding unless they separate their abortion business from the rest of their business.

In other words, Planned Parenthood would not be allowed to use any federal funding via Title X to continue their baby murdering practice.

Naturally, pro-abortion Democrats have legally challenged the Protect Life rule.

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The issue is now before Judge Michael McShane of the US District Court for the District of Oregon.

McShane was appointed to the federal court by Barack Obama in 2013.

LifeNews.com – Judge Will Block President Trump’s New Rules Defunding Planned Parenthood – A federal judge appointed by pro-abortion President Barack Obama plans to keep taxpayer funding flowing to Planned Parenthood by blocking a new pro-life rule from the Trump administration.

On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Michael McShane of Oregon heard arguments in a lawsuit filed against the new Title X grant rule, Fox News reports. Pro-abortion attorneys general in 20 states and Washington, D.C. filed the lawsuit, arguing that the rule would hurt Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers and violate the Affordable Care Act.

McShane said he plans to block the Trump administration from enforcing the rule, which takes effect May 3. He criticized the rule as a “ham-fisted approach to public health policy,” according to the Daily Beast.

“At the heart of this rule is an arrogant assumption that the government is better suited to direct women’s healthcare than their providers,” McShane said, Courthouse News Service reports. “The final rule would create such a financial strain on medical providers that, ironically, it would create a vacuum that would create substantially more abortions.” …

It’s interesting to hear a Democrat-leaning judge say that it is ‘an arrogant assumption that the government is better suited to direct women’s healthcare than their providers’.

The ironic part of that statement is that Democrats are pushing free Medicare for all, which will allow the government to make all of our healthcare decisions.

If the government isn’t suited to determine what’s best for a woman’s health, then what makes anyone think that they will be suited to direct the healthcare for all of us?

History shows that whenever the federal government gets involved in running any industry that it usually royally screws things up.



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