Obama-Appointed Former ACLU Judge Blocks Religious Liberty Law

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An Obama-appointed for ACLU judge blocked the Mississippi Religious Liberty Law. There is a good reason why these laws are being considered and being passed in a number of states: because of the threat of against our freedom by the advancing LGBT radical homosexual agenda. Unfortunately this law is temporarily blocked, but the battle certainly is not over.

Mat Staver: You know, all you had to do here Matt is say this judge was a former ACLU board member, for the ACLU of Mississippi and he was appointed by President Obama. Then you say, this particular case on religious freedom, protecting people’s religious liberty in the face of the assault of the LGBT agenda and same-sex marriage, and you know what the outcome is. Unfortunately, that’s not how the courts are supposed to be, but they have become captured by political ideology.

Matt Barber: And what’s sad here, particularly sad, is that this law was even necessary in the first place. But the mask has come off as the LGBT — the radical leftist LGBT gains momentum…    

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