Obama Administration Seeks to Cover Up ISIS Terrorist Activities on US Soil

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The Obama administration seeks to cover up the terrorist activities, especially ISIS and Islam, with regards to the Orlando shooting.

Mat Staver: You know it’s amazing how the President continually refuses to use the words “radical Islam.” And now, Loretta Lynch, she had to backtrack, but originally she was wanting to censor out different terms, different words or phrases from the 911 call of Omar Mateen because they did not want to list some of the things that he said. Ultimately, they had to back away from that and the FBI got some egg on its face.

But Matt, this is just another example of this administration not wanting to recognize the issue and the enemy that’s at state here. They want to coddle the radical Islamic ideology.

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Matt Barber: Yea…it’s willful suspension of disbelief. It’s willful blindness. And in fact, when they released these redacted, heavily edited transcripts, it was almost comical because it so clearly showed their intent to cover for radical Islam, cover even for this jihadist, this ISIS-pledged jihadist…

Redacted 911 Transcript  

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