Obama Administration Plans to Name a Navy Ship After a Homosexual Pedophile

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The Obama administration is now sinking to new levels: they want to name a naval ship after Harvey Milk, a pederast.

Mat Staver: Unfotunately…Matt, you wrote an article at BarbWire.com with regards to this issue and tell us who Harvey Milk is.

Matt Barber: Harvey Milk was in the late 1970’s. He was in the navy. He was a practicing homosexual while in the Navy, contrary to the laws of the Navy. He was a politician, was elected to city commissioner in San Francisco as an open homosexual. He was murdered by a fellow Democrat over a non-related issue, who was competing against him, running against him. So it wasn’t a hate crime, if you will, or anything. But just for a non-related issue.

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And he was a pederast. Merriam-Webster defines pederast as “one who practices sodomy, especially with a boy.” It defines statutory rape as “the crime of having sex with someone that is younger than an age specified by law.” And Harvey Milk was both a pederast — a child molester — and by extension he was a statutory rapist…

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