NY Dems Favor Illegal Aliens Over Children of Military Killed in Action

I’ve been contending for the past decade that Democrats value illegal aliens more than they value American citizens and the Democrats that run New York are proving it again.

A week ago, New York’s Democrats passed a new budget that included $27 million of tuition aid for illegal aliens to attend state colleges and universities.

This week, the Higher Education Committee in the New York State Assembly, voted to hold (kill) a bill that would have provided free college tuition for the children of military personnel killed in the line of duty.

It’s ironic and sad that one of New York’s Democrats in the US Congress is pushing for free college tuition for everyone, but Democrats in the state refuse to do it for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice while serving their country.

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100 Percent Fed Up – NY LAWMAKERS VOTE DOWN Bill To Give Free Tuition To Children Of Military Members Killed In Line of Duty Only ONE WEEK After Voting To Give Illegal Aliens Free College Tuition – Since the college admissions scandal broke last month, there’s been a lot of discussion around the topic of unfair admission policies at colleges across America. But what about one of the most disturbing trends in colleges? What about the 17 states that are giving illegal aliens free tuition, while making students who are American citizens pay the full rate of tuition?

In New York, lawmakers have taken it a step further. Two days ago, they voted down a bill that would kids whose parents died in the line of duty, while serving in our military the opportunity to attend college without paying tuition. Their vote took place only one week after they voted to give

Syracuse.com reports – New York lawmakers on Tuesday refused to advance a bill that would have provided free college tuition to the families of military personnel from the state who were killed in the line of duty…

New York’s Democrats have stooped to the lowest form of contempt with their actions in placing illegal aliens ahead of those who died for their country.

Every military family should move away from the state of New York to states who appreciates them and will honor them with the honor they are due.

Personally, I believe this is tantamount to treason against those who serve our nation and every one of those who voted to kill the bill should not only be ashamed, but should have to face up to military personnel and their families and explain their horrendous actions.



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