Many State Governors Reject Obama’s Lawless Transgender Directive

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A number of state governors are telling Obama to take a hike. They’re not going to follow his lawless, transgender directive.

Mat Staver: You know, Some people, even some of the liberal left, can’t believe Obama’s directive. That he is so clearly out of his legal parameter, states it on his letter, directive, from the Department of Justice and the Department of Education. But then threatens litigation and revocation of federal funds. Well, some governors –North Carolina governor, Texas governor, other governors — are saying to President Obama, “Take a hike! We’re not going to abide by this lawless directive!”

Holly Meade: Okay…let’s get personal here for a minute guys. He has two daughters, right?

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Mat Staver: President Obama? Yea, but they attend private school.

Holly Meade: But what if they went to a public school? Or just in a public restroom, or going to a public dressing room…would he want a man walking in on one of his daughters?

Mat Staver: You know I have no idea what goes on in that president’s head… [crickets]

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