Numbers Show There is a Border Crisis

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump addressed the nation and spoke about the crisis as the southern border.

He let it be known that he is not going to yield to the un-American demands of Democrats who love illegal aliens more then they love the American people.

He used the growing crisis at the border to justify is his demand for a border wall along with increased border security.

Before Trump finished his address to the nation, liberal fact checkers were insisting that Trump was making up the border crisis and that illegal border crossings were down.

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They fail to acknowledge the facts of how many illegal aliens were caught by law enforcement in recent months.

Investor’s Business Daily – Yes, There Is A Crisis At The Border — The Numbers Show It – Illegal Immigration: Democrats and the mainstream press accuse President Donald Trump of manufacturing a crisis at the border. The numbers tell another story.

As soon as the words “growing humanitarian and security crisis at our Southern border” left Trump’s lips in his Oval Office address this week, Democrats and media “fact-checkers” were trying to dispel it as a deliberate lie.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Trump “must stop manufacturing a crisis, and must reopen the government.”

Border Crossings Climbing

NPR’s “fact check” — like countless others — dismissed Trump’s claim as false because “illegal border crossings in the most recent fiscal year (ending in September 2018) were actually lower than in either 2016 or 2014.”

What they aren’t telling you is border patrol agents apprehended more than 100,000 people trying to enter the country illegally in just October and November of last year. Or that that number is way up from the same two months the year before…

First of all, some Democrats and mainstream media began calling Trump a liar hours before he ever spoke to the nation.

Secondly, since when do Democrats and the mainstream media care about real facts?

They ignore the facts of how effective conceal carry is for reducing gun violence and other crimes.

They ignore the facts of how cutting taxes, including for corporations, creates millions of jobs and spurs the economy.

They ignore the facts of how much of a failure Obamacare was and how high it drove the cost of healthcare coverage and how it negatively impacted so many people.



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