‘Not Voting for Trump is Voting for Clinton’: The Counter Arguments

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People behave as if there is a straight line correlation between the number of Republicans who refuse to vote for Trump, and the likelihood this refusal will put Clinton in the White House.

The problem with this thinking is it fails to consider alienated Bernie voters. They will probably boycott Clinton in greater numbers than Cruz voters will boycott Trump. In addition, there is no realistic expectation fried Bernie voters will turn to Trump. The idea is pretty ridiculous, although Trump is trying to attract them with talk of raising the minimum wage, demonstrating again he is willing to take any position to self-aggrandize.

So many people agonize, saying not voting Trump hands Clinton the White House, and the Supreme Court. My refusal to vote Trump as a matter of conscience is not secondary to some singular paranoia about the makeup of the Supreme Court. Besides, there is no guarantee Trump will nominate conservative justices. How many times has he lied about his stance on issues?

As the Founders pointed out over and over, we have a citizenship duty to vote for people of principle and uphold principles for this is the only way to achieve good government. Speculating about which evil will be least catastrophic is really beside the point, for without principles, catastrophe is guaranteed.  These last few years prove the point.

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To our friends who think voting for Trump will stop Hillary and prevent her from controlling this country: She already has control of this nation. Thanks in part to Trump funding Democrats for years, the far left has taken over the government, and most of our major institutions, including media.

Even if by some miracle Trump wins, nothing will change. The country will continue the leftward drift into oblivion. Trump is more Democrat than Republican, so it really doesn’t matter if you vote for him or for Hillary. The evidence is overwhelming indicating Trump is a political chameleon who makes decisions driven largely by selfish ambition. All of a sudden we are supposed to believe he will keep his word and hold steady to the Founder’s vision (conservatism), faithfully executing the laws?

No, you won’t stop Hillary by voting Trump. She leads an army that is already in control. She will likely win, and when she does, she’ll take the Senate with her, all because, once again, Republicans could not muster the courage to nominate a real conservative.

Republicans do not have courage because they lost moral authority, and they lost moral authority because they turned their backs on the God of love and compromised with evil. It is worse now than ever and the laughable reality is people actually think a Trump presidency will save us.

I’m not altogether cynical. Miracles are God’s specialty. He is sovereign and moves throughout the universe at His good pleasure, despite our collective rebellion and stupidity.

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