Not Everyone is Optimistic Over Declaration of Total Defeat of ISIS

A number of media outlets are reporting stories that declare that ISIS will be 100% defeated in Syria in the come few weeks while others have said that ISIS will be totally defeated – period.

It is true that there is one last ISIS stronghold in Syria and that it is the target of Syrian troops with American help.

But, even if that stronghold is defeated, does that really mean that ISIS is gone completely from Syria?

While many officially are saying that ISIS will be eradicated from Syria, there are still some rational people who understand that totally eradicating ISIS would be like totally eliminating all of the yeast from an already mixed batch of dough.

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The Guardian – The Observer view on the premature celebrations on the defeat of Isis – Islamic State has lost its Syrian base, but its threat remains.

If he gets his way, Donald Trump will announce at some point in the coming week that the Islamic State terrorist group has been defeated and its hate-filled caliphate in Syria and Iraq destroyed. This will be the second time the US president has declared victory over the jihadists.

When Trump first made the claim, in December, he was sharply contradicted by his own intelligence chiefs and by British ministers. Now he is being more cautious. But his eagerness to hog the credit for a limited success he had precious little to do with will probably get the better of him, sooner rather than later.

It is certainly accurate to say that the territory occupied by Isis when it swept through Iraq and Syria in 2014, equivalent in size to the whole of Britain, has dwindled to almost nothing. What remains of the caliphate declared by its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, amounts to one or two besieged villages in south-eastern Syria.

Reports from the area spoke of Isis fighters and their families surrendering to a western-backed Kurdish and Arab militia known as the Syrian Democratic Forces. Isis in-fighting is said to have led to an attempt to assassinate Baghdadi, who is now on the run. This is welcome news…

When the Civil War ended, many southerners continued to fight against northern suppression for years.

When World War II ended and Japan surrendered, some Japanese snipes continued to fight for years afterwards.

Eliminating strongholds is one thing, but eliminating a radical ideology that reportedly has hundreds of millions of dollars is something altogether different.

If ISIS is still actively and successfully recruiting young adults in Europe and the United States, then they are far from being defeated and chances are, they will continue to fight in Syria, Iraq and anywhere else they choose.



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