North Korean Diplomat & Wife Defect in Italy

In 2017, North Korea carried out a nuclear weapon test, against the warning and sanctions of many nations.

Italy responded by kicking North Korean Ambassador Mun Jong Nam out of Italy.

Since Italy is the headquarters for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and North Korea is desperate for food, the Hermit Kingdom sent Jo Song Gil to serve as acting ambassador to Italy.

Jo Song Gil’s term in Italy was about to expire, so, according to reports from South Korean intelligence sources, Gil and his wife left the ambassador’s residence in November to defect instead of returning to the harsh tyranny of Kim Jung-un.

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Fox News – North Korea’s top diplomat in Italy defected, embarrassing Kim Jong Un – North Korea’s acting ambassador to Italy defected with his wife in November, South Korea’s spy agency told lawmakers Thursday, striking an embarrassing blow to leader Kim Jong Un and his communist regime.

Jo Song Gil, 48, and his wife left the official residence in early November, weeks before his term was set to end, an official from Seoul’s National Intelligence Service said, according to South Korean lawmaker Kim Min-ki.

He was the acting ambassador in Rome since Oct. 2017, after the Italian government expelled the now-former ambassador Mun Jong Nam in retaliation for a nuclear test by North Korea that year, the AFP reported.

Pyongyang deems the diplomatic mission in Italy essential as it’s the home of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and the regime suffers from food shortages, the outlet noted…

If the report of Gil’s defection is true, then it is likely that any of his relatives left in North Korea have or will be arrested and imprisoned in an act of retaliation by Kim Jong-un and a warning to anyone else who considers defecting.

It is uncertain at this time of where Gil and his wife are or to what country they have defected to.

After seeing how Kim Jong-un sent someone to kill his half brother while out of the country, Gil and his wife will most likely have to live in fear and in hiding to avoid being assassinated.

If I were Gill and his wife, I would invest in plastic surgery to change their appearance, along with changing their names.



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