North Korea Threatening to Resume Nuclear Weapons Program

It seems like it’s time for many of us to say ‘we told you so’ concerning North Korea’s sudden desire for peace that was made nearly a year ago.

When Kim Jong-un declared that he was willing to talk peace with President Donald Trump and then when he promised to totally denuclearize, destroying all of his nuclear weapons and nuclear facilities, many of us said it was a ruse.

Over the past half century, North Korea has made other gestures of peace and capitulation, only to go back on their word and resume their aggressive agenda.

When Kim began to go back on his word about destroying his nuclear arsenal, Trump refused to lift all of the many sanctions placed on the Hermit Kingdom until such time as the total denuclearization has been completed.

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Kim is now threatening to resume his nuclear program because of the sanctions not being lifted.

Boston Globe – North Korea has threatened to restart the development of its nuclear weapons program unless the United States lifts sanctions, underscoring one of the major potential stumbling blocks in Washington’s diplomatic outreach with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

The Trump administration has insisted that sanctions and other pressures remain on North Korea until it dismantles its nuclear program. Kim’s regime, however, has always demanded a step-by-step process of denuclearization that would include lifting US sanctions along the way.

In the past month, Pyongyang has stepped up its calls for sanctions relief. The statement released late Friday by North Korea’s Foreign Ministry is the latest indication that negotiations over its nuclear program have hit an impasse.

The issue of sanctions has also created a rift between Seoul and Washington…

South Korea has been a longtime ally of the United States and it seems that they have been totally duped into siding with North Korea over the bogus promise of reunification of the Korean peninsula.

The United States needs to convince South Korea of the insincerity of North Korea and that the goal of Kim Jong-un is to rule the entire peninsula with his cold and cruel dictatorship.

The last thing Trump should do is lift any of the sanctions.

What he should do is to remind Kim of his original promise for total denuclearization and then let him know that until that is done, even harsher sanctions will be placed on the nation.

Kim needs to know that he cannot dictate terms to the US, but that the US is in the position to dictate terms to North Korea and that we will never give into his demands.



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