North Korea Launches Short-Ranged Missiles Yet Trump Confident Deal Will be Struck

This past week, North Korea test fired some short-range missiles off their eastern coast, a test that is cause for alarm, but not in violation of any current agreement or treaty.

When the news of the missile tests reached President Donald Trump, he expressed confidence that a deal will still be struck with North Korean leadership to denuclearize the Korean peninsula.

Even though North Korea is still under strict economic sanctions, they have been experiencing a boost in their economy, largely due to nations like China, Russia and Iran, who hate the United States.

For once, I don’t share Trump optimism on North Korea and believe that the US needs to put more pressure on the Hermit Kingdom, starting with a military blockade of their ports.

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The Epoch Times – Trump Still Confident ‘Deal Will Happen’ After North Korea Launches Short-Range Projectiles – President Trump expressed confidence that North Korea’s leadership will not jeopardize the economic prosperity of their nation and that a denuclearization deal will be struck, after several short-range projectiles were launched from its east coast.

North Korea is currently under strict economic sanctions imposed by the international community—lead by the United States—after Kim Jong Un ramped up a nuclear weapons program in 2017.

Those sanctions brought Kim Jong Un to the negotiating table for a historic meeting with President Trump last year, when the North Korean leader promised to pause the nuclear weapons development program and stop testing intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).

On May 4, South Korean officials said that “missiles” had been fired 40-125 miles out to sea from the coast of North Korea. It later downgraded the description to “projectiles.” …

North Korea has a long history of lying to America and our allies about alleged peaceful intentions and I seriously doubt that Kim has any intention of agreeing to or keeping the kind of deal that Trump is confident will happen.

In that context, I still believe that the peace efforts extended by Kim to South Korea are nothing more than a ruse to lure them into a sense of false security before they strike to regain the southern part of the peninsula.

North Korea will not stop until they have control over South Korean and unify the nation into one, under the control of Kim Jong-un.



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