North Carolina Invaded Following Hurricane Florence

Fortunately, Hurricane Florence weakened from a category 4 to category 2 hurricane when it made landfall near the North and South Carolina border, last month.

Unfortunately, the state was hit was with heavy rains that caused massive flooding and billions of dollars in damage as well as the loss of too many lives.

In many areas, sewage, both human and animal, was mingled with the flood waters, making the water unsafe and unhealthy to be in or near.

Now, the aftermath of Hurricane Florence has brought a new invasion into parts of North Carolina in the form of unusually large mosquitoes.

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(Newsweek) – Huge mosquitos have swarmed parts of North Carolina in their billions following Hurricane Florence.

The powerful storm brought record levels of flooding and water levels to many parts of the state, creating a breeding ground for “Gallinippers,” a type of mosquito that can be three times larger than the average.

A local resident, Cassie Vadovsky, told local NBC-affiliate WITN that she had been greeted by a swarm of the mosquitos when she returned home with her four-year-old daughter last Tuesday.

“It was like a flurry — like it was snowing mosquitos,” she said. “I think my car agitated them. I waited for them to calm down before I grabbed the kids and the ran into the house.” …

Other places in the US like Texas, Louisiana and Alaska have this type of huge mosquitoes, but they are not common to North Carolina in these numbers.

With most mosquitoes, a couple layers of cotton clothing is enough to prevent being bitten, but these mosquitoes are so large that they can still bite through a couple layers of cotton clothing.

This is another example of how damaging and dangerous extensive flooding can be.

It’s not just the water damage, but the sewage and disease and now monster mosquitoes, which can carry and transmit diseases.



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