No Such Thing as a Secret Christian

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There is no such thing as a secret Christian. That is the title of an article written by the Benham brothers, David and Jason Benham, and published at

Mat Staver: Matt, this is an article that the Benham brothers wrote, and you posted on They talk about if the events of the past month teach us anything, and they’re talking about the issues that happen both domestically, as well as worldwide with regards to the assaults against Christians. They say that people that are Christian, living in America, you cannot be silent. They say that there can be no such thing as a secret Christian anymore, especially if you occupy a position of influence.

That silence is not golden and sometimes they say that it’s just plain yellow, that it’s cowardly if you will. They say that what we have are Christians, because of their positions that are being persecuted because of their faith. There are others who are afraid to reveal their true identity as a Christian because they fear being mocked, ridiculed or even persecuted for the faith. But the time for being quiet, they said, is past. It is time to stand.

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Matt Barber: Mat, as you know, these two gentlemen, we’ve had the pleasure on multiple occasions have visited with these guys in person. We had dinner with them recently during the Values Voter Summit. And they have shared with us over and again that they have no regrets. They have put their money where their mouth is, so to speak on this. They were going to have a reality show on HGTV about their business of flipping houses, taking old houses and fixing them up. And when radical leftist organizations protested because these gentlemen are outspokenly pro-life and pro-family and pro-marriage, HGTV cowered and shut down the program…

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