Newsmax TV Terminates Contract with Dennis Michael Lynch (Video)

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After years of appearing as a guest on FOX NEWS, in December of 2015 I was offered the opportunity to host and produce a program on NewsmaxTV.  ‘Dennis Michael Lynch: UNFILTERED’ launched on January 18, 2016.  The program instantly became the highest rated show on the network, and it remained number one up until last night (8/10) when NewsmaxTV suddenly pulled the show from air during its LIVE broadcast. Today, I was notified by NewsmaxTV that the program is finished. I received the notification via an email entitled, ‘Termination of Contract.’

The email states my termination is a result of the comments I made on the show last night, and because I am“unwilling to follow the reasonable directives of Newsmax in connection with hosting the nightly news/talk program.”

My response to the termination:

I want to thank Newsmax for the opportunity to host a program each night at 9pm ET.   I also want to thank my team of producers who worked hard each night.  But most importantly, I thank my viewers who tuned-in religiously, and who took the time each night to send me the sort of comments that stick with a man for a lifetime.

Nobody likes to be terminated, and as an entrepreneur my entire life it’s the first time I’ve been on the receiving end of such a notification. Nevertheless, I am a man of my word. I stand tall knowing that I got to number one at NewsmaxTV by keeping to my promise of delivering the unfiltered truth to the American people. My passion for telling-it-like-it-is fueled what was hands-down the best show on the network.  And I’m bold enough to believe it would the best show on any network, including FOX NEWS.

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Dennis Michael Lynch: UNFILTERED catapulted NewsmaxTV to its highest ratings in network history, and user engagement on social media flew off the charts as a result of the DML REPORT video clips. And although there’s joy in adding up the numbers, it all equates to zero if I’m uncomfortable with the words that flow through the TV. Thus, I move on knowing my integrity and name remain in tact. And I sleep easy knowing it is the audience who will ultimately decide the definition of ‘reasonable.’ …

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