New York Times Piece Obvious Attempt to Assassinate Character of Wife of Supreme Court Justice Thomas

For many years, the New York Times was one of the most prestigious newspapers in all of America.

However, today, the NY Times has accompanied the rest of New York’s leaders over the precipice and into the black, stench-filled abyss of leftist socialist politics.

As such, they have abandoned most of the basic principles and tenets of journalism, along with any semblance of integrity, honor or respect for others.

Not only have they joined the ilk of CNN in reporting a number of fake news stories about President Donald Trump in a deliberate attempt to destroy him and his presidency, but they have sunk even lower in a piece that is an overt attempt to assassinate the character of Virginia Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

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Washington Examiner – The New York Times slimes Virginia Thomas – There once was a rule of journalistic ethics that a “straight news” reporter refrained from gratuitous labels and judgments pertaining to the subjects of their stories. The New York Times clearly has forgotten those journalistic ethics.

Witness Saturday’s opinion column masquerading as a news report about a meeting Virginia Thomas, wife of Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas, and other conservative activists had with President Trump. The sneering contempt of the reporters for Mrs. Thomas — and their obvious desire to convince the readers that Mrs. Thomas is bad, bad, bad, bad I tell you, BAD! — is like something out of the left-wing the Nation magazine, rather than a major daily newspaper.

Note the words I’ve Italicized in this summary: The lead sentence of the story calls Mrs. Thomas’ group “a delegation of hard-right activists.” The fourth paragraph says that “Ms. Thomas has long been close to what had been the Republican Party’s fringes.” Later, reporters Maggie Haberman and Annie Karni accuse Mrs. Thomas of “promoting conspiracy theories,” and repeatedly report that she has been “criticized” for “inappropriate” potential “conflicts of interest,” “provoking controversy,” and hiring people thought to be racists…

Among other things, they accuse Virginia Thomas of being associated with people thought to be racists.

What about Democrats like Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Kamala Harris and Maxine Waters who ARE racists?

They label her has being on the far-right fringe when all she is doing is supporting basic conservative values.

This shows that Democrats consider ‘normal’ Republicans as the ones we refer to as RINOs, but anyone who holds to the values that our nation was founded upon and the values that made America a great nation at one time, are now labeled as fringe and far-right extremists.



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