New York Democrats New Budget Taxing Everything Including Pain

Democrats nationwide have one main tool fix everything – taxes, and New York’s Democrats have taken that tool to a whole new and brutal level.

The latest budget they passed is one of the most aggressive and devastating budget that is exploding with many new and higher taxes.

They are also establishing toll gates on many roads leading out of Manhattan.

New York’s Democrats have clamped down on taxi and Uber drivers, banned plastic grocery bags and more.

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Since plastic grocery bags are banned, using paper bags isn’t the best solution since they are being taxed.

Worst yet, New York’s Democrats have placed a tax on pain medications.

Frontpage Mag – NEW YORK DEMOCRATS PASS A TAX ON PAIN – What kind of people raise taxes on people living in literal agony? Democrats. – In the movie Escape From New York, the island of Manhattan was walled off and mined. For its fortieth anniversary, New York City will try to recreate its plot by walling off parts of Manhattan with toll booths. The walls of toll booths to impose congestion pricing on the locals will fulfill the dream of former Mayor Bloomberg whose wildest ideas now seem downright tame to the new Dem radicals.

You could try to bypass the toll booths along 61st Street by taking an Uber, but good luck.

New York City has also been leading a crackdown on ridesharing on behalf of taxi drivers who began committing suicide because they were no longer able to overcharge, rip off and rob tourists. Uber will be capped, taxed and pushed out of the city along with all the other cars to encourage people to use public transportation. Unfortunately, public transportation doesn’t work anymore.

You can still ride a bike, if you don’t mind suffering bruises, bumps and skull fractures.

The New York City subway is failing badly. To quote the New York Times, “Century-old tunnels and track routes are crumbling… Just 65 percent of weekday trains reach their destinations on time, the lowest rate since the transit crisis of the 1970s”. Cars are being taxed to help fund this collapsing system. But the problem isn’t a lack of money: the money is being diverted by unions and political sweetheart deals…

The actions of New York’s Democrats are the mirror images of what socialists did in Venezuela.

Socialists raised taxes to better their personal lifestyles, resulting in higher prices on virtually everything.

As prices rose, so did taxes which caused higher prices and a vicious circle that resulted in runaway inflation which is the cause of the many social, economic and political problems destroying Venezuela today.



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