New KY Governor Pushes to Support Kim Davis

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Former Kentucky Governor Steven Beshear, and I like that word “former” Kentucky Governor, filed a document with the Federal Court of Appeals one week before he vacated the governor’s mansion. And that governor’s mansion has now been re-occupied by a Christian conservative whose name is Matt Bevin. And this particular change of leadership will have a significant impact on the issue involving Kim Davis and other clerks in Kentucky.

Mat Staver: Matt, about a week before the last day in office, Governor Steven Beshear filed his brief with the Federal Court of Appeals in Cincinnati regarding this case. Of course he takes the same old approach that she doesn’t have any religious freedom and he doesn’t want to accommodate her religious freedom, and she doesn’t need to accommodate her religious freedom.

But frankly, we issued a statement saying that it’s completely irrelevant because he was no longer — at the time only one week, but now no longer — the governor of Kentucky and there’s a new sheriff, if you will, in town. His name is Governor Matt Bevin and he is a solid Christian: pro-life, pro-marriage, and pro-Kim Davis and pro-religious freedom.

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Matt Barber: Well Mat, we have a big election year coming up and this election in Kentucky, I think, represents a microcosm of what we need to see happen nationwide. Governor Steve Beshear is an anti-Christian bigot, his policies were anti-Christian. He has no love for the First Amendment and religious liberty. He’s hostile to religious liberty. He’s now gone. And that’s a good thing. Matt Bevin is friendly to the First Amendment, friendly to religious liberty and he has taken office.

And, as you know Mat, Kim Davis and her case and her anti-Christian harassment that she had gone through, even being thrown in jail, was largely responsible for helping to thrust Matt Bevin into office…

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