New Governor and Bishops Support Kim Davis

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Several matters are back in the news regarding Kim Davis, the Rowan County Kentucky Clerk who refuses to issue marriage licenses that conflict with God’s definition of marriage. First there’s been a governor who’s been overwhelmingly elected who supports Kim Davis and recently made a statement during a press conference. And the bishops among the Catholic church recently met and we’re going to talk about what happened during their meeting.

Mat Staver: Matt, the issue with regards to the Kentucky governor, just days from now there will be a new Kentucky governor in the Governor’s mansion and his name is Matt Bevin. He is an outspoken Christian, pro-life, pro-marriage as the union of one man and one women, pro-religious freedom and pro-Kim Davis.

He said that he will, as his first act as the governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, issue an Executive Order that will protect Kim Davis and her religious freedom, so that her name and her title can be removed from these licenses.

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Matt Barber: The Governor-Elect Matt Bevin is doing what the current Governor Steve Beshear should have done. And that is to issue a simple Executive Order, an Executive Accommodation, that would not force the dozens, if not more, Kentucky clerks across the entire state to violate their First Amendment-guaranteed freedom of conscience. Steven Beshear, who is agenda-driven, refused to do that. Matt Bevin, part of the platform in his campaign was support for Kim Davis and that he would protect religious liberty in that state. He was elected, surprising all the political pundits…

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