Networks Continue Touting White House’s Plug for ObamaCare, Ignore Enrollment Shortfall

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The lack of honesty of those in the old liberal media is on display daily.  Their, let’s say, ‘orientation,’ has been made evident to all but the willfully blind. Media bias has definitely come out of the closet during the Obama years. This report is from Matt Hadro at the Media Research Center:

On Tuesday evening, the networks continued relaying the White House’s plea to young voters to sign up for ObamaCare, touting President Obama’s mock interview with comedian Zach Galifianakis where Obama plugged for his own health care law. ABC’s Diane Sawyer called it a “bold move” and both CBS and NBC hailed the interview as a success. CBS’s Scott Pelley said, “it worked. The video became the number one reason people visited today.”

The networks ignored, however, the bad news of the day for the law, that enrollment numbers for young people are still far below what is needed.

FNC’s Bret Baier led Tuesday’s Special Report with the poor numbers ABC and NBC skipped: “Late this afternoon, the Department of Health and Human Services released ObamaCare enrollment numbers for February. And they are well behind the pace the administration wanted, particularly with young healthy people needed to balance out the risk pool.”

CBS skirted over those fresh bad numbers, although they did report that the overall numbers are still lagging: “The White House told us today about four-and-a-quarter million Americans have signed up for ObamaCare. The administration had hoped to have more than five-and-a-half million by now.”

At least ABC’s Jonathan Karl appeared skeptical, asking “will this get young people to sign up? By midday, more than 6 million people had watched the video. And 19,000 of them had gone directly to”

And Karl asked: “The strangest presidential interview ever? Probably.”

Read more: Media Research Center

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