Netanyahu Wins, Obama Loses

It was profoundly weird to watch coverage of the Israeli elections Tuesday. At one point, I saw CNN’s John King doing exit poll results as if this was a U.S. presidential election and I was like, “What the hell is this?” What it was, of course, is that American Democrats (including members of President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign team) had launched an enormous effort to defeat Israel’s conservative Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Predictably, the liberal media jumped aboard this Democrat-driven anti-Netanyahu bandwagon, and yesterday there was a palpable excitement from the media talking heads as they anticipated the imminent defeat of the Dreaded Right-Wing Jew.

Israeli voters, however, decided that Democrats and their liberal media friends must cry the tears of unfathomable sadness:

Barack Obama might have hoped for a leadership change that would reboot his poisoned relationship with Israel’s government. But he didn’t get it on Tuesday, when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu 00 thanks in part to a hard lurch right — appeared to make a dramatic comeback after trailing in pre-election polls.

As votes were counted Tuesday night, Netanyahu claimed a dramatic comeback victory. “Against all odds: A great victory for the Likud. A major victory for the Israeli people,” he posted on Facebook.

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In the Obama Age, everything is about Obama, even the elections in Israel. Steven Kruiser at PJMedia comments:

The last few days were absolutely polluted with stories about Netanyahu’s imminent political demise, with the most popular version of the tale being that he ruined his chances by angering great and powerful thin-skinned consumer of canines currently occupying the Oval Office.

One does not hurt Barack Obama’s feelings without some backlash.

Now that Obama has once again been revealed impotent in helping candidates not named Barack Obama to victory, his media petting zoo is out of sorts. They will be expending a lot of effort to explain exactly why this victory wasn’t really a victory.

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