People for the American Way’s Leftist Diatribe Against a Brazilian Conservative

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The American Way should be to expose and destroy tyrannies, especially socialism. But do not tell that to the People for the American Way (PFAW), which, according to WorldNetDaily, is “an atheist socialist organization which, through publications like its ‘Right Wing Watch,’ dedicates itself to the destruction of conservatives in general.”

The latest attack from “Right Wing Watch” was against me, Julio Severo, in a piece entitled “BarbWire Pundit Defends Brazil’s Past Violent Dictatorship, Fears Looming ‘Gay Agenda.’” My BarbWire article, “U.S. Betrays Military Men Who Protected Brazil from Communist Threat,” just exposes that the Obama administration is betraying military men who protected Brazil from violent and bloody communist revolutions and rules. It also stresses that in this time in Brazil there was freedom to proclaim the Gospel, and that Billy Graham, Rex Humbard and Pat Robertson reached millions with their Christian message.

According to its website, “Right Wing Watch” has a special mission to attack conservatives opposed to the gay agenda, abortion and Muslim ideology.

“Right Wing Watch” has denounced C. Peter Wagner, founder of the New Apostolic Reformation, for his influence on the conservative candidacy of Rick Perry for the U.S. presidency in 2010. Wagner is best known for leading the conservative resistance to the efforts by Liberation Theology adherents to hijack the Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization in 1974. The hijack was successful only years later through the Theology of Integral Mission, which is the Protestant version of the Liberation Theology.

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“Right Wing Watch” has also denounced WorldNetDaily for its exposé of John Brennan, the director of CIA who converted to Islam and allegedly was recruited in Saudi Arabia. Islam is undeniably violent. Saudi Arabia is one of the most violent tyrannies in the world. But the real enemy, for PFAW, is WorldNetDaily.

PFAW has also attacked Joseph Farah, the owner of WorldNetDaily, for saying that “Obama Is ‘At War With God.’”

In another piece, “Right Wing Watch” says: “Franklin Graham Blasts ‘Anti-Christ’ Obama Administration, ‘Ungodly’ World Vision For Accepting Gays.” Graham is the son of the most famous American evangelist, Billy Graham. He is also the president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

There are many other PFAW attacks on Graham, including: “Franklin Graham Endorses Vladimir Putin’s Anti-Gay Crackdown.”

Of course, Graham did not endorse any crackdown. He just supported the Russian law that protects children from homosexual propaganda. Does PFAW endorse forcing Russian children to be exposed to the immoral and nasty gay propaganda? Does PFAW endorse pedophilia?

The excellent stance of Graham was the cover story in Decision magazine, a famous evangelical publication of BGEA, entitled: “Putin’s Olympic Controversy.”

The Russian law protecting children was not praised only by Graham. The World Congress of Families, which is the largest pro-family and pro-life organization in the world, praised it too. Its spokesman, Don Feder, defended it in his article: “Sochi and The Left’s Human Rights Hypocrisy.” But again, “Right Wing Watch” attacked Feder in its malevolent article “World Congress Of Families Spokesman: Putin Will Save America From ‘Heady Elixir Of Sexual Rights’”

So, according to PFAW, homosexual activists need unrestricted access to children. And if you try to protect them, you are the problem. You are violent.

According to PFAW, children should be exposed to messages about Islam as a “religion of peace.” And if you try to protect them, you are the problem. You are violent.

People for the American Way (PFAW), founded by Norman Lear, has partnered with leftist and pro-abortion organizations and receives grants from many groups, including the Ford Foundation. In 2013, the Ford Foundation, which has been a population control investor for many years in Brazil, gave $300,000 to PFAW.

According to Conservapedia, “98 percent of the PFAW’s political contributions went to Democratic Party candidates.” This is, PFAW is solidly committed to Obama’s pro-abortion and pro-homosexuality party.

This definitely is not the American way. Population control; advocacy of abortion, Islam and homosexuality; efforts to withdraw protection of children from the homosexual propaganda: this is not the American way.

The American way, as lived by George Washington and other real Americans, was virtue and respect to God. But PFAW wants to pervert it into depravity and disrespect to God. By the way, Washington did not accept homosexuality and he would never have accepted the Islamic ideology. And absolutely he would have supported every effort to protect children from homosexual propaganda and to chastise homosexual propagandists.

If PFAW dislikes conservative Christians, it should not spare George Washington and his original American way.

The PFAW’s leftist diatribes against Franklin Graham, C. Peter Wagner, Don Feder, the World Congress of Families and me just put me in a worthy company. I am sure that Washington would have been pleased to join us.

I am also sure that Josef Stalin and the tyrannical Saudi kings (who have no tolerance for Christians and free speech) would have been pleased to join the so-called “People for the American Way” — better labeled “People for the Anti-Christian Way.”

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