Winner of the Week: Rand Paul

Barb Wire

Between now and when Republican Party primary voters determine their presidential nominee in 2016, we’re going to select the “winner of the week” based on who provided the best example of how to beat Democrats and win elections.

The criteria used here to determine the “winner of the week” will be who best used the “10 Commandments of Political Warfare” from my latest book Rules for Patriots: How Conservatives Can Win Again.

We’ll also keep a running tally throughout the campaign to see who does the best job of messaging, so we can see how the use of my “10 Commandments of Political Warfare” impacted the actual results when it’s all said and done.

Our first winner, for the week ending March 15th, is Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

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Steve Deace
Steve Deace is one of the "Heavy Hundred" talk show hosts in America according Talkers Magazine. His influence in the first in the nation Iowa Caucuses has been profiled in much of the national media, and he's also a columnist for The Washington Times. His new book, out now and endorsed by a who's who of conservative leaders, is titled Rules for Patriots: How Conservatives Can Win Again.

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