OK to Destroy Christian Businesses, Say NCAA, Yelp, Angie’s List, Walmart, Apple and Others

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Can we have a little less “tolerance,” please? The “gay” Klan has arrived and they are ugly, mean and merciless.

Sadly, they are being honored and welcomed by much of corporate America and big sports, and even Republican politicians have become deer in the headlights.

Why was Mike Pence not prepared for this? Or possibly he does not know what he believes and is willing to stand for.

Because the response he should have made is to defend the Indiana RFRA law, list the numerous examples of people who have been fired or driven out of business by the gay-stapo, saying, “This law is needed because of what we are seeing from those who are deliberately targeting people of faith.”

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But Pence didn’t do that, did he? Now, the “fix” in both Indiana and Arkansas is likely to look a lot like the Big “Gay” dreams: so-called “employment non-discrimination” (ENDA) laws including sexual orientation and gender identity (SO/GI), laws routinely deployed to do exactly what the RFRA was designed to prevent: discrimination against people of faith.

When ENDA laws are applied, the SO/GI section is used to force businesses to their knees to honor these lifestyles and punish objectors, all in the name of “protection.”

Many of the incidents resulting in lawsuits over cakes, floral arrangements, etc. have been in states with an ENDA (Oregon, Washington, Colorado, New York, New Jersey, New Mexico, Vermont).  Not coincidentally, only New Mexico among these has a RFRA.

There’s a pattern here, one that could have been cited by Pence and Asa Hutchinson, governor of Arkansas, to support the need for RFRA laws in their states. But to do so, they might have been required to call the bullies out who are causing all these problems to begin with. Is any politician willing to do this: call the homosexual lobby the liars and harassers they so obviously are?

The rent-a-mob tactics are working. Indiana and Arkansas companies are shocked, shocked that any Americans might actually decline baking a same sex “wedding” cake. The NCAA is “very concerned”– but not over the right things. The executives of Yelp, Angie’s List, Apple, Walmart and others are not questioning the chaos deliberately unleashed in Indiana and now Arkansas. In fact, they are right in there with the bullies, throwing unfounded insults and cheering on the lynch mobs.

Certainly this phony outrage– including loaded and inaccurate slogans like “license to discriminate,” etc.–was planned for months ahead of time by homosexual groups like the Human Rights Campaign and their grass roots destroyers. The talking points in the Indiana media come right out of the HRC playbook called “Chipping Away at Equality,” published in early February as a guide for (biased and marginally-informed) journalists.

What kind of reporters and CEOs become useful fools and willing tools of vicious propaganda? Some possible reasons: a) some are themselves homosexuals and therefore have a lot vested in propping up deviant lifestyles regardless of the harm done to others; b) they are jaded, secular anti-Christian bigots who applaud Christian persecution through job loss or business destruction.

Or another possibility: c) some are being blackmailed/pressured through backchannels by “LGBT” activists and their allies who dig up dirt to use when needed.

The mainstream media has displayed disturbing, jaw-dropping bias during this controversy. And they take no pains to hide it, because there’s no accountability and much to fear, as they can observe, if they don’t go along. Cliff Kincaid recently wrote about the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association funded by gushing major media outlets, including Fox News. “Fair and balanced?“ Give us a break!

How did these thugs of “tolerance” gain so much leverage? Sadly, the real reason for the power shift is that too many Christian pastors are oblivious or deliberately avoiding this issue, and their congregations have decided to remain silent and check out of the complexities and controversies of current American public life.

Bad move. It’s not going away, but it’s coming to your door, literally.

The possible good news is that many people are watching this demonstration of “gay” intolerance and they are repulsed by what they see. Are these our new arbiters of cultural norms? If we accept this, then we would accept that America has become a dirty, hideous place and we are in big trouble. These people are mean vicious bullies who don’t care who they harm or why. They only care about preserving their right to sexual sin.

But I’m not buying that most of America is on board with this. I think it remains true that God is not mocked. And He is surely revealing the truth for all to see, and most in America will not succumb to tyranny and depravity.

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