NC Stands Strong Against Obama’s ‘Bathroom Bill’ Intimidation

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North Carolina is doubling down. It is not going to be intimidated by the out of control Obama Department of Justice on the so-called bathroom bills.

Mat Staver: I was so pleased to see that the governor of North Carolina did not wait for the out of control Department of Justice to file suit against the state over the so-called Title IX and bathroom transgender bills, etc., but instead, they were proactive. And, Matt, they filed, the governor did, at his direction, a lawsuit against the Federal Department of Education. They took the offensive. They weren’t waiting for the DOJ to come and file suit against them.

Matt Barber: Well that’s right. And kudos to Governor McCrory for taking a firm stand. This is lawlessness on the part of the Obama Administration. It is absolutely absurd that this administration would somehow claim that HB 2, this bathroom bill ordinance, in protecting women and children in the right to privacy and safety in bathrooms, that it somehow violates Title VII?? 

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