National Emergency Declarations: Obama 12, Trump 1

Once again, we see the political hypocrisy of the Democratic Party and even some in the Republican Party.

Their hypocrisy on the issue of President Trump declaring a national is the same when it came to the detention and separation of illegal alien parents and children.

The sewagestream media and Democrats tried to place sole blame on Trump for the separation of illegal families, when Bill, Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama did the same thing.

As for declaring a national emergency to bypass Congress to get funding for special projects, before everyone is ready to lynch Trump, they need to understand that Gerald Ford started the National Emergencies Act, which was used by Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, George W Bush and Barack Obama.

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Flag and Cross –  Obama Declared 12 ‘National Emergencies,’ Yet Media Did Not Mind At All – Despite what the media may be telling you, presidents have been declaring “national emergencies” to shift spending to a needed area for decades. In fact, Obama did it 12 times and the media didn’t care at all.

Indeed, ten of the “national emergencies” Obama called are still in effect and funding is being shifted to those declarations to this day.

The first “national emergency” used to shift spending into high gear was declared by Gerald Ford in 1976 and every president since then has used the means to pay for something he wanted addressed…

Democrats and the sewagestream media hailed Clinton and Obama as heroes who supposedly did no wrong.

Did you know that 10 of the 12 national emergencies declared by Obama are still in effect and still diverting funding to Obama’s pet projects?

Democrats are mounting a legal fight to block Trump’s declaration of a national emergency so he can divert military funding to help build the border wall, but all Trump’s legal staff has to do is to show the precedents of Obama and others.



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