Mystery Foreign Company Files Secret Papers with US Supreme Court to Stop Mueller

Thanks to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been given a very long leash that extends far beyond the original territory of his investigation.

That long leash has allowed Mueller to indict a number of people for crimes completely unrelate to his original investigative task and in the process, wasting over $25 million of taxpayer money.

On Saturday, papers were filed with the office of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, by a foreign-owned company seeking to prevent Mueller from obtaining their records.

The identity of the company is being kept secret at this time, only to say that a lower US court ruling allowed Mueller the right to subpoena and obtain the records of the foreign-owned company.

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The National Sentinel – Mystery surrounds Supreme Court filing by foreign firm in fight with Mueller – A foreign-owned company that seems to be engaged in a tough fight with special counsel Robert Mueller has filed papers with the Supreme Court that were presented on Saturday to Chief Justice John Roberts.

The mystery firm asked the high court to block the special counsel from obtaining records via a subpoena after being turned down by a federal appeals court following a lower court ruling ordering release of the records, according to Politico:

The identity of the firm and the foreign country at issue remain closely guarded secrets, but POLITICO first reported earlier this year that the dispute appeared to involve Mueller’s prosecutors. A POLITICO reporter was in the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals clerk’s office in October when a person connected to the appeal arrived to request a copy of the special counsel’s latest filing in the case.

When the case was argued at the D.C. Circuit last week, the courtroom was closed to the public. Court personnel went to unusual lengths to preserve the secrecy, ordering journalists to leave the floor where lawyers were presenting their positions…

Rumors are floating around that the company in question could be Russia and the company is an extension of the Russian government, which is why Mueller is after the company’s records.

If that is the case, then Russia and company officials would argue that the company and their records are protected under the terms of diplomatic immunity.

However, a lower court rejected that defense, forcing the company to turn to the US Supreme Court for protection of Mueller’s prying and unscrupulous eyes.



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