Muslims Wouldn’t Hate Us if We Would Have Left Spain in Islamic Slavery

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Muslims hate the West because we’re a bunch of imperialists who imposed Sykes-Picot on them. Or something like that. That’s what people on the left and even the right regularly tell us. This lie has never held up well and now it’s going to be even harder to perpetuate. After all, jihadists have just informed us that Muslims hate the West because the West refused to submit to Islamic conquest in Spain.

The Daily Mail reported on Jan. 30 that a recent Islamic Caliphate propaganda video shows a jihadist railing against the West for throwing off the chains of Islamic slavery in Spain.

Despite being Francophone, his wrath is turned particularly towards Spain, which he says will ‘pay dearly’ for having crushed Muslim rule in ancient Andalusia, the southern Spanish region where the Moors ruled from 711 AD to 1492.

He speaks of Cordoba and Toledo and says the ancient land of Andalusia is Muslim and has not been forgotten.

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If only the West hadn’t revolted against its Islamic betters and would have stayed in bondage none of the Islamic violence, jihad, and hatred of the West would be happening today.

One final note. If you go to the Daily Mail article and view the images and videos of the jihadists, you’ll notice that the hostages they are about to execute (executions not shown) are wearing “GTMO orange” jumpsuits. The fact that jihadists are still dressing their hostages this way even as they openly admit their hatred has nothing to do with “Western provocation” firmly reveals the orange jumpsuits are purely a propaganda technique used to amplify the Western accusation that “GTMO creates terrorists.”

In other words, GTMO isn’t a “propaganda bonanza” for Islamic terrorists. Rather, it is Westerners who say that GTMO is a “propaganda bonanza” for Islamic terrorists who are providing the actual propaganda bonanza for Islamic terrorists.

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