Muslim Teacher Accused of Jihad Recruitment & Sexual Coercion of Young Girls

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with former Muslims who were born, raised and indoctrinated in Iran and Pakistan.

All of them told me that their religion teaches that females are nothing more than a possession, much like cattle, that can be treated as the owner desires.

They also told me that the Quran teaches that a good Muslim must either convert or destroy any and all non-Muslims, especially Jews and Christians.

Therefore, I’m not that surprised to hear a report from Washington DC of a teacher, a Muslim, has been charged with trying to coerce young girls into sex and in trying to recruit others into joining an Islamic jihad.

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Geller Report – Washington DC: Muslim teacher charged with sexual coercion of young girls and jihad recruitment – He taught the Koran on weekends to children ages 5 to 16 at the First Hijrah Foundation in the District. Yes, of course, he was a Quran teacher. The devout teacher was following in the path of Muhammad, the “perfect model.”

A Maryland computer developer shared extremist propaganda with young students at a D.C. Islamic organization while engaging one in sexual conversations, according to prosecutors in Alexandria federal court.

Seitu Kokayi, 29, a District native, is charged only with coercion and enticement of a minor after exchanging sexual messages with a 15-year-girl. But prosecutors highlighted his interest in Islamic extremists while successfully arguing that he should remain incarcerated until his trial in April.

Judge Leonie M. Brinkema said in court Friday her concern over that radical interest was part of why she was keeping Kokayi in jail. She also ruled that statements he made to the FBI after his arrest in August can be used against him at trial…

Don’t forget that Muslims claim that they are the religion of peace.

Do a little searching for worldwide terrorist activity and you will quickly discover that the vast majority of terrorist activities are being conducted by Muslims.

Do a search of terrorist groups and you will find the same thing.

I have friends in Europe and they have been telling me how the influx of Muslims is destroying their countries and thanks to Obama, they are trying to do the same thing here in the US.



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