A Muslim Tax for Being Christian

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Christians in a northern city in Iraq are reportedly being ordered to pay a $250 per person tax to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria–or ISIS.

This could bankrupt many in the region where the most likely job opportunity is a vegetable shop.

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It’s really a tithe Christians are forced to pay to Islam–to keep from being shot, beheaded, raped, kidnapped, and burned from those espousing a “religion of peace.”

The Associated Press reported that at least half of Iraq’s Christians have been forced to leave the country since the U.S.-led invasion in 2003–the remaining Christians face the prospect of Shariah law,  the goal of Sunni Muslims.

Is there a place safe for Christians in the Middle East? Yes, it is a country called Israel.

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Janet Porter
Janet (Folger) Porter is President and Founder of Faith2Action, the nation’s largest network of pro-family groups. Janet authored the first Heartbeat Bill to legally protect unborn babies with detectible heartbeats which inspired Arkansas and North Dakota's Heartbeat Laws--the most protective pro-life laws in the nation. She has authored five books including: The Criminalization of Christianity and hosts a daily radio commentary heard in more than 300 markets. You can follow her on Twitter @Faith2Action.

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