Muslim Nations Silent over China’s Crackdown on Minorities Including Minorities

Once again, China has began a program to crackdown on some ethnic minorities, many of which have a religious belief that does not conform with China’s government.

Many Christians in China have been arrested and imprisoned over the years, forcing others to take their churches, worship and prayer meetings underground for fear of being arrested and worse.

Recent reports indicate that in the latest crackdown, China has been rounding up various ethnic minorities and then sending them to the Xinjiang Province where they are subjected to intense re-education (brainwashing), to make them better communists.

Among the minorities being targeted are a group of Muslims, resulting in international outrage from many countries, except a number of Muslim countries.

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ABC (Australia) – Why Muslim nations remain silent as China sends ethnic minorities to re-education camps – Beijing’s crackdown on its ethnic Muslim-minority Uyghurs has been met with international condemnation, however some very significant voices have remained silent — those of Muslim nations.

The United Nations estimates that up to 1 million Uyghurs, Kazakhs and other minorities have allegedly been detained in China’s far-western Xinjiang province since 2017.

Experts say Muslim nations cannot be lumped into one category, however, there are a number of key similarities behind much of their silence — political, economic and foreign policy considerations.

China policy expert Michael Clarke, from the Australian National University, told the ABC that China’s economic power and the fear of retaliation was a big factor in Muslim politics…

According to the report, there 28 detention camps in western China that are being used for the so-called re-education of the ethnic minorities.

The camps have been greatly expanded in size to house thousands more people.

The report also claims that many of the detainees are forced to sew sportswear that is being sold to a US company.

I know you don’t believe that this could ever happen here in the US, but not long ago, we thought we would never see things like same-sex marriages, open homosexuality promoted in our schools and elsewhere and we never thought we would ever see the open acceptance of homosexuality, but all those things are here now.

If Democrats get in control long enough, this could happen here.



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