Muslim-Loving Liberals Blame British Government for Death of ISIS Bride’s Baby

At the age of 15, Shimima Begum ran away from her home in the United Kingdom to join ISIS where she became an ISIS.

After losing two children to disease in the ISIS camps of Syria, Begum sought to return to Great Britain for the sake of her third child.

However, British authorities denied Begum’s request to return to home, stating that she was no longer a British citizen due to her joining ISIS.

Her third baby recently died of disease in an ISIS camp in Syria and Muslim-loving liberals are blaming British officials for the child’s death.

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BBC News – Shamima Begum: ‘Not safe’ to rescue IS bride’s baby, says Hunt – It was too dangerous to send British officials to rescue Shamima Begum’s baby son in Syria, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said.

The child died in a refugee camp after his mother, who joined IS in 2015, was stripped of UK citizenship.

The boy was a UK citizen – but Mr Hunt told the BBC that any rescuers’ lives would have been at risk in the camp.

“The mother chose to leave a free country to join a terrorist organisation,” he said.

Speaking on The Andrew Marr Show, the foreign secretary confirmed that Jarrah, who was three weeks old, was a British citizen even though his mother was not.

But he said that – although several journalists had reached the camp and spoken to Ms Begum – “we have to think about the safety of the British officials that I would send into that warzone”…

This is typical of liberals, blaming good guys for the problems of the bad guys and to many in the world today, there is no greater bad guy that ISIS.

What is happening to Begum and her children should be a warning sign to others who become deluded with the desire to run away and join ISIS.

It’s about time the younger generation learns that their actions have consequences and the only one responsible for their consequences is themselves.



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