Muslim Leader Warns Canada It’s ‘Under Attack’

Barb Wire

Rahell Raza, an intercultural and interfaith diversity consultant—and an award-winning Muslim journalist—is offering a strong warning to Canadians. Raza wrote an open letter to Canadians that starts with these words: Canada is under attack.
“Since 9/11 and perhaps even before that, some of us Muslims have been insisting that Canada is not safe from terrorist attacks and that it’s just a matter of time,” she writes. “Yesterday we heard the shocking news that a Canadian soldier was run over in Quebec. Some people shrugged this off as the work of a mentally deranged person probably acting alone.”
As she sees it, we can either continue to believe in the handbook titled “Radicalization for Dummies” and act vague and politically correct on clear indications of where the problem originates from, or we can take immediate action as Canadians.
“Otherwise rest assured the rabid ideology behind acts of blatant terrorism will only grow,” she says. “And when that happens, please don’t come looking for ‘moderate Muslims’ as we have been saying this since a decade and continue to stand on guard for Canada but is anyone listening?”
Raza offers a list of five things Canada needs to do, one of which is to close all mosques for three months to have intense scrutiny on the Imams and their sermons. Do you agree with Raza?

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