Mueller Sued for $350M for Grand Jury Leaks

Conservative author and news investigator, Jerome Corsi, was accused of lying under oath to the Special Counsel investigation conducted by Robert Mueller.

A week ago, it was revealed that Corsi was filing a criminal complaint against Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team.

Corsi alleged that Mueller and his team tried forcing him to lie during questionings and while under oath.

Now we have learned that Corsi has filed a lawsuit against Mueller, claiming that Mueller is guilty of leaking information from his grand jury investigation.

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The lawsuit is for $350 million, $100 million for actual damages and another $250 million for the damage to Corsi’s reputation.

Fox News – Corsi sues Mueller over alleged grand jury leaks, seeks $350M in damages: report – Jerome Corsi, the conservative author accused of lying under oath to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators, filed a federal lawsuit late Sunday accusing Mueller of leaking grand jury items and various constitutional violations, including illegal surveillance, reports said.

Politico reported that the newly filed suit claims that Mueller tried to get Corsi to give testimony that Corsi said is false. He is reportedly seeking $100 million in actual damages and $250 million in damages due to injury to his reputation.  The CIA, FBI, and the National Security Agency were also named in the suit.

The author has theorized that investigators hoped that he would admit to a connection with WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange. The connection would bolster their Russian collusion investigation, he said. A link between Corsi and Assange would make it easy to tie in President Trump’s former adviser Roger Stone, he said…

Many believe that Robert Mueller’s role as Special Counsel in the Russian investigation is a conflict of interest since he was FBI Director at the time of the infamous Uranium One Deal with Russia.

A whistleblower claims that an investigation in the deal was started by the FBI and then suddenly stopped and buried, until recently.

Some believe that Mueller could have been responsible for the silencing of the FBI investigation since it involved crimes such as bribery and money laundering and also involved then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

I also believe that Mueller has exceeded his original task and abused his power as Special Counsel, all in an attempt to nail Trump with some crime, real or conjectured.



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