Mueller Report Also Provides Revelation about Media

What is the role of news companies?

At one time, their role was to report the facts and truth about newsworthy people and events.

They allowed the reader to interpret those facts and truths form themselves.

In today’s news world, reporting the facts and truth has been tossed into the trash in favor of twisting, distorting, mangling, ignoring the facts and truths and even inventing their own facts.

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A former journalist told me that journalism today is not journalism but slanderous gossip designed to hurt everyone who holds a different opinion.

While everyone is focused on what Trump will do with those involved in the Russia probe, dossier and FISA warrant, many don’t realize that the Mueller report destroyed the last shred of credibility of some major news outlets like The New York Times, Washington Post and CNN.

Breitbart – The Nuclear Option: New York Times, Washington Post Lose Russian Roulette – In the wake of the journalistic catastrophe exposed by the Mueller report, it is important that we record as many of the lies that we can and shine a bright light on the most dishonest goats in the media over the past two years.

No publications deserve more contempt and ridicule than The New York Times and The Washington Post. Both were once serious newspapers dedicated to ferreting out the truth and holding accountable those in power.

Sure, they have always suffered from metropolitan biases, but they also always aimed for the truth. They were nobody’s stooges — at least openly. No more. Both newspapers are now entirely dedicated to blindly advancing a crazy political agenda and, we now know, are more than willing to lie and shade to push their twisted information on readers.

In today’s world of fire hose information from every direction, the greatest human superpower is the ability to filter out all the dishonest streams of misinformation coming from all the dirty outlets that have lost all credibility…

With the Mueller Report revealing no evidence of collusion, that means that The New York Times and Washington Post, along with others like CNN are guilty of printing lies for the sole purpose of trying to undermine the presidency of a sitting president.

Could their actions be considered an act of sedition?

Could the FCC yank their federal licenses or threaten to yank them if they continue reporting their fake news?

Presents an interesting possibility, doesn’t it.



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